Conradie Inc. was established in 1959 in the town of Worcester, in the Western Cape Province, and has been in practice for more than 60 years. We employ 7 attorneys and 18 support staff and specialise in the fields of law, the details of which appear elsewhere on our website.

Of each member of our staff, we require integrity and an impeccable character, specialisation in his/her fields of practice, diligence, accuracy, hard work, tenacity, creativity, compassion and benevolence.

We believe that INTEGRITY is non-negotiable and that it should always inform the decisions and conduct of an attorney. The challenges and circumstances which attorneys face every day are complex and demanding, and without integrity to guide them, it is very easy for them to lose their way in a landscape of ever-changing shades of grey.

We also believe in SPECIALISATION. You can't give what you don't have. We live in a sophisticated world with complex problems and challenges, which require complex solutions. For this, specialised knowledge and experience are needed. We therefore require that all of our attorneys specialise in specific fields of law and that they become experts in such fields. In order to keep their existing knowledge up to date and to gain new knowledge, our attorneys regularly attend LEAD courses and occasionally enrol for UNISA courses. In line with our specialisation policy, our two senior professional assistants are currently enrolled for Master's degrees in environmental law and government law respectively.

Of course, knowledge is worthless if it is not applied rigorously. DILIGENCE AND ACCURACY are therefore part of our culture. We establish and verify everything of importance. We believe in a quality product - we don't like avoidable mistakes.

We believe that nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without HARD WORK and TENACITY. When one of our partners started at the firm as a messenger in Grade 9 during the December school holidays, he asked the then senior partner what the firm’s working hours were. The senior partner said, “we work from 8 a.m. until we have finished.” This is still the firm's philosophy - if we take on an assignment, then we execute it with diligence and perseverance - from 08:00 until we have finished.

Today we are often and increasingly confronted with novel problems for which no readymade solutions are available. Resolving such problems requires CREATIVITY. It is said that when you only have two options, you must always choose the third. We at Conradie Inc. believe that you have to deal with problems in a creative way and consciously look for solutions that are not always obvious.

Law is often a contact sport filled with conflict and aggression, and in the heat of battle, it is easy to forget that you are dealing with people and matters dear to them. This is a mistake. We believe that a lawyer should at all times act with COMPASSION and BENEVOLENCE, especially towards the opposition, even if it is sometimes difficult. Respect for and understanding of the other side’s views and way of thinking, is in everyone's interest. It is not only right to act benevolently; it also produces better outcomes.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this introduction. For more information on our firm, please browse through the rest of our website or phone one of our staff members. We will gladly assist you.



Many years of experience is what we offer. We use our skills, tenacity, expertise and perseverance to protect our clients' rights and interests.

We respect, trust and motivate our employees, and as a result, our clients are cared for. We believe in developing people’s capacities in order to achieve great success. At the end of the day, we collaborate as a team to further the interests of our clients. We have a passion for solving legal matters with a personal touch!