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Company Law & Co-operative Law


Our opinion of ourselves matters and integrity is at our cornerstone.

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Conradie Inc. advises a large number of corporate and private clients on various aspects of company law and other commercial legislation affecting their businesses.

We provide clients with practical solutions relating to shareholder issues, Memoranda of Incorporation, corporate governance, risk management and independent advice to boards.

It is impossible to predict the future, but with effective business planning and our extensive knowledge of South African commercial law, we will ensure that your business is well prepared for change and unforeseen events.


A co-operative is a unique enterprise form established, controlled and operated by a group of members for the mutual benefit of all involved. Co-operatives are business entities with a lot of potential, but mainly underutilised in our current economy.

Conradie Inc. has extensive and specialised knowledge of co-operative businesses and legislation relating to co-operatives. We have supported several co-operatives in various industries across Africa.


Andries Conradie

<h3>Andries Conradie<br><b>Director<br>
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