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The mediation process is an informal, interactive and dynamic dispute resolution method, which helps to first outline the issues between disputants and their respective positions, and then assists them in bridging the divide. Conradie Inc. specialises in mediation and has the necessary expertise and qualifications to assist parties in utilising this cost effective process.

Conradie Inc. specialises in both family law mediation and civil mediation, including situations involving dispute resolution for workplace matters. With family law mediation we handle the care and contact arrangements with regards to minors, maintenance disputes, division of property and calculation of the accrual in divorce matters. We try to ensure that matters regarding family law mediation are successfully settled in a cost effective, sensitive and speedy manner.

The mediation process is voluntary and the mediator does not decide the outcome of the process.  Thus, all participants in mediation are encouraged to vigorously take part during the negotiation process.  The mediation process is confidential and the participants control the outcome of the dispute resolution, as the agreement is reached mutually between the parties.

Mediation is a cost effective alternative to litigation, as dispute resolution is much faster than court processes. The parties are generally more satisfied with the outcome, as they had agreed on it themselves, in relation to an order that was handed down by a judge or magistrate.

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