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We offer common sense that comes from years of practical experience. 


We can assist with the institution and defence of divorce cases in the Regional and High Courts, and have specific experience regarding trusts and divorce.


Our team also has more than 20 years’ experience assisting with divorce-related matters in both the Regional and High Court. These matters include interim orders for the contribution to maintenance, primary care and contact with regards to minors.


The safety, security and well-being of minors in family law matters, will always be of the utmost importance, and will receive our highest care and expertise.


We know that divorce litigation can be costly and emotionally painful, but we pride ourselves in advising clients not to proceed unnecessarily. We will always advise as to other methods of dispute resolution, for example mediation. Our goal will always be to assist clients to finalise their case in the most cost effective manner.


We also guarantee that each client will be treated with empathy and advised as sensitively as possible, with the knowledge that they are experiencing one of life’s worst journeys.

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Tana Du Toit

<h3>Tana Du Toit<br><b>Director<br>

Kurt Paulse

<h3>Kurt Paulse<br><b>Attorney<br>

Fuad Davids

<h3>Fuad Davids<br><b>Attorney<br>