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Wills, Trusts and Deceased Estates


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It is of vital importance to have a valid will drafted by a qualified professional in order for you to ensure that your wishes are set lawfully in your will.

If you pass away without leaving a valid will, your heirs will be determined in accordance with the rules of the Intestate Succession Act, 81 of 1987. This may mean that your assets will be distributed in a way that is different from what you would have chosen, had you drawn up a will.

We understand that to most people, discussing the drafting of a will is an uncomfortable topic, but one that needs consideration, especially if there are dependants involved.

One of our qualified professionals will personally assist you in the drafting of your will, so that you can have peace of mind that your financial affairs are in order. This will also ensure that your assets will be divided among your chosen beneficiaries as intended.

You will be advised to nominate an executor in your will. It is the duty of the executor to take control of the deceased’s assets. After creditors and costs are paid, the balance of the estate shall be transferred to the deceased’s heirs.

We at Conradie Inc. will assist the executor and the family of the deceased with all the administration that needs to be done, and keep them informed of the progress made.

You are always welcome to inform us if you want to update or amend your current will. This might be necessary, for example, if your personal situation or state of affairs have changed.

Our services include:

  • Drafting of wills
  • Estate planning
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Drafting and registration of trusts
  • Curatorship appointments
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