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We pride ourselves on consistency and quality work. 

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We focus on conveyancing and all matters relating thereto. We assist clients by giving general property law advice, drafting agreements of sale, attending to the transfer of properties and registration of mortgage bonds.

South Africa has one of the best and most advanced property registration systems in the world.

Ownership of immovable property can only be changed by way of an intricate registration process. Conveyancing is the legal and administrative process to transfer ownership of immovable property from one person to another. Only a conveyancer, who is a qualified attorney that passed an extra examination in conveyancing, can prepare transfer and bond documents, and see to the registration thereof.

The buying or selling of property can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, because to most people it is the biggest financial commitment they will ever undertake. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that both parties, the seller and purchaser, comprehend the transfer process.

The first step in the transfer process is drafting an agreement of sale. This document must be in writing for it to be a valid contract between the seller and purchaser.

Once the instruction to transfer a property is received by the conveyancer, the conveyancer will ensure that all the suspensive conditions are fulfilled, whereafter he or she will proceed with the transfer process.

We also attend to bond registrations and understand the importance of registering bonds promptly. We always work accurately and cost effectively.

We believe that our clients must stay informed of the registration process at all times, therefore we give regular feedback to our clients and all other relevant role players by way of weekly reports.

We arrange meetings that fit into our clients’ schedules for the signing and explaining of transfer and/or bond documents. One of our conveyancers, Sarita Bester, takes the time to answer all our clients’ questions and she explains the bond documents to them personally.

Our property law and conveyancing department can assist clients with the following:

  • Giving general property law advice;
  • Negotiations regarding the sale of immovable property;
  • Drafting agreements of sale;
  • Attending to all aspects of conveyancing;
    • Property transfer registrations;
    • Registration and cancellation of mortgage and notarial bonds;
    • Servitudes;
    • Registration of land consolidations and subdivisions;
    • Property development; and
    • Opening of sectional title registers.
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Sarita Bester

<h3>Sarita Bester<br><b>Director<br>

Andries Conradie

<h3>Andries Conradie<br><b>Director<br>

John Erasmus

<h3>John Erasmus<br><b>Director<br>
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