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The purpose of environmental law is to guard and preserve the environment. The main subjects of environmental law are the control of pollution, the conservation of natural resources and the management of land.


A roaring veldfire in full blaze, fanned by strong winds, is a truly terrifying sight, especially if you own property downwind. Conradie Inc. has successfully handled a number of fire claims for clients.


Conradie Inc. has a strong focus on legislation regarding the supply of water and water rights. Water law reflects the law dealing with water management and the provision of water services in South Africa and is a very specialised field.

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As the world becomes more and more integrated and competition intensifies, the pressure on similar businesses in a sector to merge and consolidate becomes more and more intense. Agri-businesses are no exception.

<h3>Hendrik Conradie<br><b>Director<br>

Hendrik Conradie


<h3>Andries Conradie<br><b>Director<br>

Andries Conradie


<h3>John Erasmus<br><b>Director<br>

John Erasmus


<h3>Fuad Davids<br><b>Attorney<br>

Fuad Davids


<h3>Kurt Paulse<br><b>Attorney<br>

Kurt Paulse


<h3>Liezel Smit<br><b>Conveyancing <br />Secretary<br>

Liezel Smit

Conveyancing Secretary

Liezel was born in Worcester and attended Montana High School in Worcester, where she matriculated.

She has been employed at Conradie Inc. for the past 26 years.

<h3>Maretha Truter<br><b>Secretary<br>

Maretha Truter


Maretha was born in Worcester and attended Worcester's Montana high school, where she matriculated.

She obtained a National Certificate for Financial Management at Boland College in Worcester.

And has been employed at Conradie Inc. for the past 10 years.

<h3>Esmé Westrat<br><b>Conveyancing <br />Secretary<br>

Esmé Westrat

Conveyancing Secretary

Esme was born in Worcester and attended Montana High School, where she matriculated.

Esme has been an employee of Conradie Inc. for more than 13 years.

<h3>Essie Davids<br><b>Filing Clerk<br>

Essie Davids


Essie was born in Rawsonville, she matriculated at Worcester Senior Secondary High School.

She has been employed at Conradie Inc. for the past 19 years.