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Environmental Law


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What is the Purpose of Environmental Law?

The purpose of environmental law is to guard and preserve the environment. The main subjects of environmental law are the control of pollution, the conservation of natural resources and the management of land. These sections of environmental legislation protect land, air, water and soil.

Attorney, Fuad Davids, is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Environmental Law. He specialises in a wide variety of environmental matters, which include matters related to the NEMA (National Environmental Management Act, 107 of 1998).

NEMA is progressive environmental management legislation and has provided the structure for decision-making for individuals, institutions and government.

One of our core focus areas is to implement the law and to protect any individual or entity from practices that might interfere with the safety of human health and the environment.

Davids has proven skills and extensive capability in providing environmental law solutions to our clients. Environmental liability is firm and widespread enough to hold companies, lenders, directors and officers responsible for pollution and environmental degradation.

Conradie Inc. is able to assess your needs and customise a solution for you quickly and accurately.

Our services include the following:

  • Interpretation of legislation;
  • Risk assessment and management;
  • Corporate liability;
  • Criminal defence;
  • Civil litigation; and
  • Advice on and review of environmental impact assessments.

Fuad Davids

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