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At Conradie Inc. integrity forms the cornerstone of everything we do, and this, together with our espousal of hard work, specialisation, diligence, accuracy, tenacity, creativity, compassion & benevolence, makes us different and is the key to enduring success.


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Conradie Inc.

Conradie Inc. was established in 1959 in the town of Worcester, in the Western Cape Province, and has been in practice for more than 60 years. Our team of legal professionals can guide you in all matters pertaining to commercial law, agricultural law, property law, family law and municipal law. Of each member of our staff, we require integrity and an impeccable character, specialisation in his/her fields of practice, diligence, accuracy, hard work, tenacity, creativity, compassion and benevolence.

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Authorise or risk being penalised: The National Environmental Management Act

We tend to sometimes forget the importance of NEMA (National Environmental Management Act, 107 of 1998)  and the impact it has on the conducting of our business activities, especially in the Agricultural sector. Section 24(1) of NEMA states that to give effect to the general objectives of integrated environmental management, the potential impact on the…

Can somebody take the law into his/her own hands?

The mandament van spolie is a summary remedy, usually issued upon urgent application, aimed at restoring control of property to the applicant from whom it was taken through unlawful self-help, without investigating the merits of the parties’ rights to control. From the definition above it is evident that this remedy is unique, because it is…

Acceptance of Electronic Funds Transfer payment specifically in sale of vehicles and transfer of registration on enatis

Electronic Funds Transfers, better known as EFTs, have become a popular payment method in South Africa, accepted by many in lieu of cash or cheque payments. Many accept the printed electronic funds transfer document as “proof” of a cash payment into the bank account, especially in the selling and purchasing of motor vehicles. They insist…

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